Everybody loves limo rides. It can be anything like a wedding, a birthday party, a bachelor or a bachelorette party or an anniversary is always a blast. Despite enjoying the limousine ride, there are some etiquettes you need to follow. You should show respect for the luxury car service & driver.

Limousine Etiquette Tips

Some points to remember as you are a passenger.

Guest Count

It should be known that how many passengers would be traveling. If there are too many passengers then they can decide whether to travel by limousine or something else.

How To Get In

To avoid last-minute mishaps or clumsiness is a very simple thing. The driver opens the car door for you(that is his job). Sit in the 1st empty seat you see. Swing your legs in for a smooth entry. Scoot along the seats until you have found the right spot.

Don’t Fight

Often renting a limo can be for partying or drinking. Don’t be too intoxicated & get into a fight. This would be silly, dangerous & completely unnecessary. Not good.

Know The Party Rules

Smoking shouldn’t be done inside the limousine & only if there is permission for smoking. Will alcohol be approved in a limousine. Don’t be obnoxious & swear at your driver. People are doing their jobs.

Don’t Trash The Limo

Don’t leave empty bottles, cans or wrappers in the limousine. Also, don’t throw food or drink at your fellow passengers. Also, don’t put your shoes all over the seats. When you are done with your work in the limousine to take your belongings with you. Some cars can charge extra if you have left behind garbage in the limousine.

Don’t Forget to Tip

If it is a regular ride give 15% of the limousine rental fee as a tip. And for a special occasion give 20% of the limousine rental fee as a tip.

We truly appreciate customers who practice great limo etiquette. We pride ourselves on our outstanding limousine service. Need a limousine to grab an instant quote or simply contact us.